Threat Report Form

If you are an employee of the airport, a passenger, or simply find yourself within the area of the airport or its vicinity and notice anything alarming, strange or problematic, which you think could pose a threat to aviation safety and may cause an accident...

Do not hesitate to inform us about it by completing the following form or using any other form of contact from those listed below. By doing so, even anonymously, you can help us deter danger or even save someone’s life. Within the framework of the Safety Management System (SMS) that has been introduced at the airport, every notification will be meticulously investigated, in complete confidentiality of the source of the information. In addition to this, we guarantee that no proceedings will be taken against individuals who contributed to the emergence of the threat unconsciously and not in bad faith.

Our mutual objective is to ensure the highest possible level of safety.


Airport Safety Officer

tel.: +48 12 639 34 70
fax: +48 12 639 34 90

Threat Report Form