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Efficient, discreet and professional 

The VIP service is designed for those looking for a professional service and smooth travel. 
Start or end your travel at Kraków Airport with us and the memory of the great experience will stay with you and your guests for long.


Dear Passengers,

Kraków Airport VIP service is there for you.
Due to the current epidemic situation and COVID-19 prevention guidelines, some functionalities are being adjusted accordingly or may be temporarily unavailable. For detailed information please contact VIP Terminal staff at +48 12 639 3304 or  business@krakowairport.pl.

During the COVID-19 pandemic

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-1621508099Fejay.pngWe respect your private space and we ensure compliance with the required social distancing rules.

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-2-1621508099ci2Ua.pngWe make sure the limousines we use to transport guests from/to aircraft are disinfected inside after every transfer.

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-3-1621508099FjdfJ.pngWe provide antibacterial gel and disinfection wipes for you to use

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-4-1621508100H7RiG.pngWe thoroughly clean all touch surfaces inside the VIP Terminal before you arrive

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-5-1621508100UoUd7.pngWe wear masks

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-6-1621508100B9ccG.pngOur restaurant offer is currently served to the buffet

Benefits of the VIP service include:

  • comfortable travel from Kraków Airport
  • bypass the passenger path in the Passenger Terminal as you get on board of your flight
  • personalised pre- and post-flight passenger service
  • efficient check-in, customs and passport control and security check  
  • get assistance as you check in and collect your luggage
  • get to/from the aircraft in a Lexus limousine
  • a cosy, modern interior to spend your waiting time in
  • obtain assistance in handling the formalities of airport procedures
  • arrangements for flowers and catering
  • other services, depending on your needs
  • reduce the time spent at the airport 


To make a reservation please fill in the booking form and send it to business@krakowairport.pl or use the online form.

  • Read more about the VIP service

    At Kraków Airport, we have been providing and perfecting our VIP service for over fifty years. The VIP Terminal is a place where services are tailored to the needs of passengers. Comfortable and spacious interiors, assistance by discreet and professional staff and our catering offer will make your travel experience unique and unforgettable. In addition, to ensure greater privacy, you can book one of our suites or rent a conference room to hold a meeting at the airport.

    We understand how unique each of your journeys is and we make every effort to make it smooth, so that the great experience stays in your memory for long.

    We are looking forward to welcoming you at Kraków Airport.


    Upon arrival, our staff will greet you at the stairs of the aircraft. 
    A Lexus car will take you to the VIP Terminal, where the staff will help you complete all necessary formalities and arrange for your luggage to be delivered.
    A car park for our guests' vehicles is located in front of the VIP Terminal, so that you can comfortably continue your journey.


    Welcome to our VIP Terminal - a place where you can relax before travel, work or spend time with your guests.
    As you do, a member of our VIP staff will check in your luggage and prepare your travel documents.
    After security check and border control, you will be taken to the aircraft in a Lexus car.


    If Kraków Airport is only a stop on your journey by air, we will do our best to ensure your transfer goes smoothly.
    Upon arrival, you will be picked up from the plane and a Lexus car will take you to the VIP Terminal.
    Here you can relax or work before the next stage of your trip. 
    Our VIP staff will see to all formalities and control your departure time. In due time, but at a moment convenient for you, you will be taken to the plane.

If you wish to use a similar service at the next stages of your journey, we encourage you to use the VIP service at other international airports (members of the World Airports' VIP Forum)

Do you have another questions? Please see the FAQ section.

If you do not find the answer to your question there, call us on +48 12 639 33 04 or write a message business@krakowairport.pl