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Dear Passengers,

Information Desk rental at Kraków Airport is there for you. 
For detailed information please contact at +48 12 639 3304 or business@krakowairport.pl.

During the COVID-19 pandemic

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-1621508099Fejay.pngWe respect your need for private space and we ensure compliance with the required social distancing rules.

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-3-1621508099FjdfJ.pngContactless dispensers with disinfectant are located throughout the terminal. They can be found next to each entrance, in check-in areas, immediately beyond security check, in the departure halls and in the baggage claim area.

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-4-1621508100H7RiG.pngThe Information Desk is thoroughly cleaned before making it available to the customer.

https://www.krk.052b.dev/storage/2021-05/ikony-covi-19-vip-5-1621508100UoUd7.pngWe wear masks.


To be agreed - within the passenger terminal


Mobile counter


The Information Desk is the property of the lessor. Reservations must be made at least two days in advance..

Price of the counter

900,00 PLN / day

385,00 PLN / 2h

Additional advertising

385,00 PLN