Car park

Drivers entering the airport area collect parking tickets at the gates. A driver using the multi-storey car park (P1) or the open-air car parks (P2/P3) will pay a parking fee at the appropriate rate based on their car-park ticket collected on entering Kraków Airport’s Internal Road System (hereinafter IRS). 

Short-term parking – Kiss & Fly

  • Use of the Kiss&Fly (including entry and exit) for up to 8 minutes is free, then a fee for each commenced 4 minutes in accordance with the price list.
  • Entry to the Internal Traffic System including the free parking time is possible one time a day during one day (12:00 a.m.-11:59 p.m.). Each subsequent entry of a vehicle into the Internal Traffic System area will result in a fee of 5.00 PLN  being charged for each 4 minutes started.
  • The car park is located by the main access road to the passenger terminal.
  • Two parking spaces for people with disabilities are provided in the central part of the car park.
  • Passenger drop off/pick up only
  • Drivers are strictly forbidden to walk away from their vehicles.

Each subsequent entry of a vehicle into the IRS area will result in a fee of PLN 5.00 being charged for each 4 minutes started. If you plan to park your car for a longer period of time, please use the multi-storey car park (P1) or the open-air car parks (P2/P3).


Long-term parking

Multi-storey car park (P1) and open-air car parks (P2/P3)

  • the car parks are located in the vicinity of the passenger terminal
  • pay at ticket machines in the car parks
  • invoices can be received from the Customer Service Desk at Level 0.5 of the multi-storey car park (P1), Sector D


Prices and booking


Kraków Airport area is a strictly no-parking zone, unless relevant road signs indicate otherwise. Parking is forbidden in places other than designated.


One-time entry of vehicle in the Internal Communication System is free of charge up to 8 minutes per day*

*In accordance with the Rules of Use of the Internal Communication System of the John Paul II International Airport Krakow-Balice Ltd. applicable from 4th May 2023.


Parking fees can be paid at payment kiosks located at stairwell exits in the multi-storey car park (P1), in the open-air car park (P2), at the entrance from the multi-storey car park (P1) onto the footbridge connecting the railway station with the terminal, next to the Customer Service Desk (multi-storey car park P1, Level 0), and at the Kiss&Fly bay (at arrivals hall entrance level).