Car park

Drivers entering the airport area collect parking tickets at the gates. A driver using the multi-storey car park (P1) or the open-air car parks (P2/P3) will pay a parking fee at the appropriate rate based on their car-park ticket collected on entering Kraków Airport’s Internal Road System (hereinafter IRS). 

Short-term parking – Kiss & Fly

  • parking for up to 8 minutes is free of charge; after that time, every started 8 minutes of parking is charged as per the parking tariff
  • the car park is located by the main access road to the passenger terminal
  • two parking spaces for people with disabilities are provided in the central part of the car park
  • passenger drop off/pick up only
  • drivers are strictly forbidden to walk away from their vehicles

Each subsequent entry of a vehicle into the IRS area will result in a fee of PLN 4.00 being charged for each 4 minutes started. If you plan to park your car for a longer period of time, please use the multi-storey car park (P1) or the open-air car parks (P2/P3).

Long-term parking

Multi-storey car park (P1) and open-air car parks (P2/P3)

  • the car parks are located in the vicinity of the passenger terminal
  • pay at ticket machines in the car parks
  • invoices can be received from the Customer Service Desk at Level 0.5 of the multi-storey car park (P1), Sector D


Prices and booking


Kraków Airport area is a strictly no-parking zone, unless relevant road signs indicate otherwise. Parking is forbidden in places other than designated.


Parking fees can be paid at payment kiosks located at stairwell exits in the multi-storey car park (P1), in the open-air car park (P2), at the entrance from the multi-storey car park (P1) onto the footbridge connecting the railway station with the terminal, next to the Customer Service Desk (multi-storey car park P1, Level 0), and at the Kiss&Fly bay (at arrivals hall entrance level).