Services and amenities

  • Telephones

    Passenger Terminal, level 0, opposite the Visitor's Centre and PLL LOT ticketing office.

    Passenger terminal, level 0

    • opposite the Visitor's Centre
    • opposite Aegean, and Ryanair ticketing office

    Passenger terminal, level +1

    • near Premium Food Gate shop (Schengen Zone)
    • Gate 4 area, by the toilets (Schengen Zone)
    • near Keraniss shop (Non-Schengen Zone).

    Possible calls to national numbers in Poland- fixed and mobile phones.

  • Car Help Patrol

    Car Help Patrol, which is a specially equipped mobile car repair shop, will assist passengers who leave their cars at Kraków Airport’s car park if need be.

    Car Help Patrol services include free-of-charge and on-site small repairs, such as tyre inflation or battery-charging. In the case of more serious breakdowns, employees will assist passengers in contacting the nearest garage. If necessary, car park users will be able to continue their journey with a 10% discount on Kraków Airport Taxi.

  • For children

                ▪ Playgrounds in both the generally accessible and the restricted area
                ▪ Lockable rooms for parents with babies with a changing table, feeding chair, sink, microwave for heating baby food and other amenities; 
                ▪ A vending machine with products for children; 
                ▪ Changing tables in toilets; 
                ▪ A special security checkpoint for families with babies under 3 years of age called Special Service Line; 
                ▪ Free prams – ONLY beyond security check; 
                ▪ Toy Store in the restricted area; 
                ▪ In addition, there is an entertainment area next to the Eat&Fly restaurant, featuring XXL chess, table football, table tennis and hopscotch. 

    Due to the current situation, to prevent and counteract the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 infectious disease, the entertainment area and the playgrounds have been closed until further notice.


  • Animals playground

    Kraków Airport has a pet park. It is located next to the Open Air Car Park (P2). The pet park is provided with a bench, baskets, a drinking fountain and obstacles such as fences, a ramp and jumps. We encourage all those travelling with pets to visit our pet park.


  • Printer

    A self-service A4 printing station is located by the airport information point in the terminal (departures). To print out your document, you will have to send an attachment (the recommended file format is PDF) to, confirm and pay for the service (using Blik, card, payU). You can also print a document through a free application downloaded to your mobile device (Android and iOS) or from

  • Fast Track

    Fast Track – a dedicated security checkpoint for:

    • First and Business Class passengers,
    • Star Alliance HON Circle & Gold / One World Emerald & Spphire (One World Rubby only on Finnair flights)  /  Sky Team Elite Plus card holders,
    • Kraków Airport Loyalty Prestige members
    • Ryanair passengers with Flexi Plus tariff purchased.
    • EasyJet passenger with the easyJet plus card added to the boarding pass
    • EasyJet passenger with Flexi tariff purchased
    • Luxair passenger with Fast Lane Access tariff purchased
  • Chapel

    The chapel situated on the mezzanine in the passenger terminal is available at all times. Holy Masses are held every Sunday and on church holidays at 8:00 am and 10:00 am by Fr. Jacek Kurzydło, airport chaplain, who can be contacted by calling +48 885 908 003.

  • Smoking cabin

    A smoking cabin in the restricted area is located at GATE No. 1.

  • Drinking fountains

    Drinking fountains are located right beyond the security check line near the FAST TRACK security checkpoint, and near Gate 10.
    Due to the current situation, to prevent and counteract the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 infectious disease, the drinking fountains have been removed until further notice. 

  • Post office

    There is a post box located at Kraków Airport passenger terminal:
    inside the passenger terminal, between the Check-in zone and the Airport Information Point at level 0.

    Passenger terminal, near check-in desks, level 0.
    opening hours:

    Monday - Thursday 09:00 am - 03:00 pm
    Friday 02:00 pm - 08:00 pm
    Saturdays, Sundays - closed


  • Shower

    There is a shower cubicle in the parent-and-child room in the restricted area near Gate 1.

  • Self - service bag drop

    Kraków Airport is the only airport in Poland with self-service bag drop stations (SSBD), installed in 2020. The stations are available for passengers six hours before scheduled departure time. SSBDs are only available at check-in desks 9-18. Self-service bag drop stations are available for passengers travelling with Ryanair and WizzAir.

  • Nap zone

    There is a nap zone fitted with four armchairs with shelves for hand baggage and charging sockets (standard and USB) near check-ins 1-8. The zone is discreetly separated from the rest of the space with colourful pots with live plants, and allows passengers to wait for their flight in comfortable conditions. 

  • Kiss Nails Bar

    Stand offering manicure services including Express Hybrid Manicure (15 minutes - varnish lasts 1 week), Full Hybrid Manicure (30 minutes - varnish lasts 2 weeks), Manicure for Men (30 minutes). The booth is located across from Gate 6 in the restricted area, phone number + 48 538 299 977