Long-term parking area

Krakow Airport is a designated ‘No Stopping’ area unless otherwise signed. Parking is not permitted anywhere unless it is signed as a parking area. Public parking is available at terminal.

Long term parking; multi-storey car-park (P1) or a car parks (P2/P3)

- location in the neighborhood of passenger terminal
- payment possible in the ticket machines located at the multi-storey car park (P1) area
- invoices to be received from the Car Park Customer Service - multi-storey car park area (P1), level 0,5, section D


Online booking


Standard rates


parking time
Multi-storey car park (P1) Car-parks (P2/P3)
first hour
PLN 10
PLN 10
each additional hour PLN 10 PLN 9
first day (more than 9 hours)
PLN 100
PLN 90
1 - 2nd day
PLN 120
PLN 100
1 - 3rd day PLN 140 PLN 110
1 - 4th day PLN 160 PLN 120
1 - 5th day PLN 180 PLN 130
1 - 6th day PLN 200 PLN 140
1 - 7th day PLN 210 PLN 150
each additional day above 1 week
PLN 10
PLN 10





Multi-storey car park (P1)     Car park (P2/P3)      


More information on rules of vehicle parking